Industry Wake Parks and our skilled and experienced team offer a number of services to help plan, open and operate your Wake Park and wake events. We will never be the supplier who sells you a product and then disappears! We want to work with you and help develop and grow your wake park and wake event.
Our support includes:

Consultancy packages // Lake design // Full site plans for your wake park // 
Help creating business plans // Feasibility studies and location searching // 
Staff training, accreditation and operators’ licences // Marketing, PR and promotion //  Graphic design
 //  Photography and videos //  Operating guidelines  //  Access to pro riders and coaches

Consultancy Packages

Since the invention of System 2.0 by Sesitec a huge amount of new wake parks are opening, it is now much more financially viable to open a wake park, less investment is required and more profit is possible. The result of this is that people with little or no background in the sport of wakeboarding are opening wake parks. This is great for the sport and is exactly how it will grow; the problem is that these new investors often require some help. This is where Industry Wake Parks comes in, not only do we supply all the products you need to open a wake park but we can also offer consultancy packages to help you open and run your wake park.


Consultancy packages are unique to each wake park’s demands and can include a wide variety of services. We can help you through the planning process, provide lake designs, staff training, assist in running events, do maintenance checks, arrange pro coaching clinics, aid you in finding sponsors for your wake park, help with marketing and much more. It is even possible than we can staff and completely run your wake park. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable wakeboarders who know the industry inside and out and it is in your wake park’s interest to make the most of this.

All of our consultancy packages are designed to scale down on a yearly basis, for example during the first year we will teach you many things so that you can run the wake park yourselves in year two. The idea is to share with you all of our experience so that you don’t have to learn the hard way!


Website and Graphic Design

Industry Wake Parks work very closely with Cardigan Creative and AMP Creative; both of these businesses have a huge amount of experience within the wakeboard industry. Past work includes creating  websites like, , and many more. Have you ever wondered who created all the artwork on the last five years of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine or who creates the Wakestock artwork? Well look no further. We can aid you in creating your logo, flyers, website, online booking system, vouchers, branding and basically anything that requires some original and creative thinking and outstanding computer graphic skill. Check the guys out here: and

Professional Photography and Videos

Sim Bradley is widely regarded as the most experienced and creative photographer in the UK wakeboard industry and he is a very close friend of Industry Wake Parks. We work with Sim Bradley and his business AMP Creative on numerous projects. Whenever we need a photographer or video we are straight on the phone to Sim.

We also work very closely with WhiteNoSugar Productions and in the past have worked together to create TV programs for Sky Sports, Extreme TV and Channel Four. We can create short podcasts or full blown TV programs and have the contacts to get them distributed around the World!

When you first open your wake park or event one of the key marketing tools is to have inspiring photos that you can use to promote your wake park or event. A photo can tell a thousand words and we can aid you in getting the best possible images. No matter how good you think your best mate is at taking photos, if they don’t have experience in shooting this sport they will not provide you with quality photos or video footage. Epic photos and a good video is the most important part of marketing your business, the video will inspire people with its strong content and it is easily available using social networking sites. We have created hundreds of videos and photo shoots, for different brands, wake parks and magazines over the last decade and offer an unmatched service for this.


One of the key parts of your business is marketing, a huge error that is easy to make, is that people think all they have to do is open a wake park or create an event! This is not the case. Once your business is open you need to let people know about it.

Pro Riders and Coaches

Industry Wake Parks works with all the pro riders in the UK on a regular basis. We class most of them as friends and our team includes riders like CK Koester, Lee Debuse, Dan Nott, Jonty Green and James Young. We can provide your wake park with pro riders to perform demos, run coaching sessions or ride for photo shoots.


Industry Wake Parks and the British Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation have teamed up to create an accreditation scheme and operator’s licence for the System 2.0 Wake Parks in the UK. We can give you a fully accredited System 2.0 operator’s licence that is acknowledged by the Governing Body of our Sport. We run operator’s licence courses all around the UK and we can even come to your wake park and train your staff on site.