We pride ourselves on running some of the most established, progressive and cutting edge wakeboard competitions in the World. Industry Wake Parks have been running events for over a decade, in fact the first event Tim Woodhead ran was called Wake Windermere and was in 1997! Since then the team at Industry Wake Parks have co-organised events on the WWA World Series and other events with over 20,000 people attending. We are wakeboard event experts and have the tools and experience to back this up. We can help you create a world class event in a high profile location or a grassroots competition at your wake park.

Grassroots Events

We run a host of grassroots events at the parks that we help open, these events are designed to help grow the sport by giving riders more motivation to ride. They are designed to help create a community and buzzing scene at the local wake parks. We created and run, the Blackpool Wake Park Series, which is a three stop series of events held at Blackpool Wake Park each year. The format for each event is very much about participation and progressing riders' skills. The Spring Open and Welsh Open held at Glasfryn Wake Park are very similar events that we have setup.

Grassroots events like this are so important in the development of a wake park and help to create a good customer base. We provide pro riders to perform demos and give pro coaching to the riders. The key aim is that all the entrants learn new tricks, meet new friends and have a ton of fun doing it. We provide sponsors and prizes for the events, judges, MC's, and much more.

Wakeboard Demos

The beauty of the System 2.0 is how portable it is and how easy it is to setup and move around. We have our own System 2.0 that we use for events and demos. If you have an event and want to add some wakeboarding then look no further. We have installed System 2.0s into Liverpool Docks for the River Festival, where we added an extremely cutting edge and youthful activity to the River festival. The System 2.0 gives a fast turnaround of riders and allows the spectators to be very close to the action. We can setup up in city centre docks, small lakes, in parks, canals, rivers and pretty much any body of water that is over 70m long. We have run wakeboard demos at events like The London Boat Show, Boardmasters, Liverpool River Festival and many more.

Large Scale Events

Industry Wake Parks run all the wakeboarding at Wakestock, which is the largest wake event in Europe, with over 20,000 people attending each year. We are sub contracted by the London Boat Show to run the wakeboarding on a huge indoor pool and we work with huge brands like Red Bull to create and run events like Red Bull Harbour Reach.

At these events we are doing everything from creating the wake course, designing the obstacles, fabricating the obstacles, installing the System 2.0, bringing in the wakeboard sponsors for the event, creating all the risk assessments and health and safety documents, inviting the riders, running the comp formats and aiding with all the media exposure.

These large events showcase wakeboarding and wakeskating to thousands of people each year and we take absolute pride in co-organising them. If you have an idea, we can bring it to life or we can create a format and a unique competition just for you.