Industry Pro Tour Stop 1 Results


The first stop of the Industry Pro Tour went down at Foxlake Adventures on Saturday 23rd April. Over 24 riders travelled up to Scotland and £2,000 was dished out to some of the best riders in the UK. The final podium was made up entirely of people aged 16 or under! Showing that perhaps a changing of the guard is on its way. The riding stand was high and the riders loved and got very creative on the bespoke course.

Massive thanks to O’Neill Wetsuits, BWSW and Sesitec for the support.

All pics by Jon Shrimpton Photography

Here are the full results:

1st: Joey Battleday
2nd: Alfie Constable
3rd: Liam Peacock
3rd: Blair Fraser
5th: Jack Battleday
5th: Freddie Carter
5th: CK Koester
5th: Matty Crowhurst
9th: Matty Muncey
9th: Rocco Burbidge
9th: Harold Theys-Isautier
9th: Jack Constable
9th: Robin Coates
9th: Alex Brandwood
9th: Ryan Peacock
9th: Matt Branston

You can see the IWWF rankings by clicking here.
Please note that for the IWWF rankings, we had to give every rider a position. So we judged the losing semi finalists against each other, the losing quarter finalists against each other, etc.
Any questions about the rankings please contact

Big Air, Best 540 or Less: Matty Muncey

Big Air, Best Backside 180: Freddie Carter

Big Air, Best Invert: Jack Battleday

Big Air, Best Crowd Pleaser: Blair Fraser
Industry Award: Blair Fraser
The Industry Award is given to the rider who stands out and rides the course in a different way to others. Blair was instantly hand planting the tractor tyres and taking unique lines through the park.

Qualifier Heat 1:
1st: Matty Muncey
2nd: Matt Crowhurst
3rd: Rocco Burbidge
4th: Matt Branston
5th: Nickolas Galloway
6th: Haydn Bennett

Qualifier Heat 2:
1st: Alfie Constable
2nd: Ryan Peacock
3rd: Alex Brandwood
4th: Jack Constable
5th: Louis Floyd
6th: Cain Hamilton

Qualifier Heat 3:
1st: Jack Battleday
2nd: Blair Fraser
3rd: Liam Peacock
4th: Robin Coates
5th: Toby Oliver
6th: Scotty Broome

Qualifier Heat 4:
1st: Joey Battleday
2nd: Freddie Carter
3rd: CK Koester
4th: Harold Theys-Isautier
5th: Hugh Panton
6th: Declan Clifford


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