Industry Pro Tour 2017 – Video, Key dates & Info

The Industry Pro Wakeboard Tour is back in 2017 after an incredible first year of the most explosive wake park riding seen on UK shores. In 2016 the Pro Tour’s inaugural year, thousands were witness to the biggest wakeboard tour of it’s kind in the UK. The Foxlake Outdoor Festival in Scotland, Liverpool’s International Mersey River Festival and Glass Butter Beach on the Welsh Llyn Peninsula were the stages on which the UK’s biggest… Read more »

Together – A Sesitec Short Movie

Together. A Sesitec Short A Short Film starring the Sesitec Team and System 2.0 HD. Throughout the whole 2016 season we accompanied the System 2.0 HD across various events and types of use. Besides showcasing the System 2.0 HD in the line of duty our goal was to feature the whole team as it’s essentialy influencing the sport into the right direction. Raph Derome / Kevin Henshaw / Felix Georgii / Nico von Lerchenfeld… Read more »

Glass Butter Beach Quadra Crown Overall Rankings

Glass Butter Beach Quadra Crown Rankings. 1st: James Windsor 246.6 2nd: Sam Carne 233.4 3rd: Dan Nott 225 4th: Freddie Carter 216.7 5th: Liam Peacock 216.6 6th: Joe Battleday 198.3 7th: Alfie Constable 190 8th: Nick Davies 190 9th: Ryan Peacock 185 10th: Matt Muncey 181.6 11th: Jack Battleday 150 12th: Blair Fraser 140 13th: Jordan ELIZONDO-DARWIN 110 14th: Rocco Burbridge 106.6 15th: Jonty Green 91.6 16th: CK Koester 78.4… Read more »

Big Air Results from Glass Butter Beach

The Big Air was supposed to take place on the sea, directly in front of the Festival site, using a kicker and jet skis. Due to the adverse weather, this was cancelled and run on the pool gap instead. Riders used the large ledge with ramp to see who could perform the biggest trick! Results: 1st: CK Koester 2nd: Nick Davies 3rd: Freddie Carter 4th: Dan Nott 5th: Sam Carne… Read more »

Finals Day, Pool Gap Results from Glass Butter Beach

Here are the finals day results from the Pool Gap at Glass Butter Beach. Quarter Finals Quarter 1: 1st: James Windsor 2nd: Jack Battleday 3rd: Dan Nott 4th: CK Koester Quarter 2: 1st: Liam Peacock 2nd: Sam Carne 3rd: Rocco Burdridge 4th: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin Quarter 3 1st: Ryan Peacock 2nd: Freddie Carter 3rd: Nick Davies 4th: Matt Muncey Quarter 4 1st: Joe Battleday 2nd: Alfie Constable 3rd: Blair Fraser… Read more »

Boat Comp Finals Day Results – Glass Butter Beach

The results from the semi finals and finals of the boat competition at Glass Butter Beach, Quadra Crown. Semi 1 1st: Dan Nott 2nd: Liam Peacock 3rd: Jack Constable 4th: Max Woodward 5th: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin (DNS) Semi 2 1st: Jonty Green 2nd: James Windsor 3rd: Nick Davies 4th: Matty Crowhurst 5th: Freddie Carter 6th: Blair Fraser Semi 3 1st: Sam Carne 2nd: Matty Muncey 3rd: Alfie Constable 4th: Joe Newton 5th:… Read more »

Pool Gap Quarter Finals Running Order

Pool Gap Quarter Finals Running Order The Saturday Festival has been cancelled due to high winds and extreme weather. The Festival will re-open on Sunday. Start Time: Sunday 2pm Opening Round Last Chance Qualifier Top 4 advance to next round 1 Joe Newton 2 Freddie Carter 3 Harley Somerville 4 Pete Mcewan 5 Rocco Burbridge 6 Dan Nott Quarter Finals Top 2 advance to next round Heat 1 1 LCQ 1st 2 CK… Read more »

Results from Boat Qualifier

Results from the Boat Qualifier on Saturday Morning. Top 3 Riders Progress to Semi Finals on Sunday (when hopefully the weather will be much better!) Heat 1: 1st: Sam Carne 2nd: Liam Peacock 4th: Brandon Trumble (DNS) 4th: Sebastian Kearns (DNS) Heat 2: 1st: Nick Davies 2nd: James Windsor 3rd: Charlie Orwell 4th: Pete McEwan (DNS) Heat 3: 1st: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin 2nd: Jack Battleday 3rd: Blair Fraser 4th: CK Koester Heat… Read more »