Boat Qualifier Running Order – Saturday Morning – Glass Butter Beach

Qualifier Running Order for Boat at Glass Butter Beach Heat 1 1 Brandon Trumble 2 Seabastian Kearns 3 Sam Carne 4 Liam Peacock Heat 2 1 Charlie Orwell 2 Pete McEwan 3 Nick Davies 4 James Windsor Heat 3 1 CK Koester 2 Jordan ELIZONDO-DARWIN 3 Jack Battleday 4 Blair Fraser Heat 4 1 Max Woodwood 2 Joe Newton 3 Yannik Patón 4 Max Kergoat 5 Matt Muncey Heat 5 1 Matt Crowhurst 2… Read more »

Pool Gap Qualifier Results

Results from the Pool Gap Qualifier at Glass Butter Beach Quadra Crown Heat 1 1st: Liam Peacock 2nd: Alfie Constable 3rd: Joe Newton 4th: Jonty Green Heat 2 1st: James Windsor 2nd: CK Koester 3rd: Freddie Carter 4th: Jack Constable Heat 3 1st: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin 2nd: Blair Fraser 3rd: Harley Summerville 4th: Max Kergoat Heat 4 1st: Jack Battleday 2nd: Matty Muncey 3rd: Pete McEwan 4th: Yannik Paton 5th: Max Woodwood Heat 5 1st:… Read more »

Pool Gap Qualifier Running Orders for Friday

Here are the pool gap qualifier running orders for Friday at Glass Butter Beach. Heat 1 & 2: 1pm to 2pm Heat 3 & 4: 4pm to 5pm Heat 5 & 6: 6:30pm to 7:30pm Format Top 2 riders advance to next round 3rd place riders go into last chance qualifier (which will be on Saturday) In each heat, each rider gets 1 practice hit to warm up. Then you get 5 hits which you… Read more »

Harbour Project Results

Here are the results from Harbour Project. Opening Round of 16 Ryan Peacock beat Max Kercoat Freddie Carter beat Jack Battleday Alfie Constable beat Nick Davies Matt Muncey beat Sam Carne Liam Peacock beat Dan Nott Blair Fraser beat Rocco Burbridge James Winsor beat Yannik Paton Joey Battleday beat Jordan Elizondo-Darwin Quarter Finals Ryan Peacock beat Freddie Carter Matty Muncey beat Alfie Constable Blair Fraser beat Liam Peacock Joey Battleday beat James Winsor Semi FinalsRead more »

Industry Pro Tour Rankings

Here are the Pro Tour rankings going into the final stop at Glass Butter Beach. At the final stop, there are no Big Air Jams, due to tide restrictions. The Harbour Project aspect of Glass Butter Beach Quadra Crown will be used for the Pro Tour rankings. Points Allocation 1st: 100 2nd: 90 3rd: 80 4th: 75 5th Joint: 70 points each 9th Joint: 50 points each 17th Joint: 20 points… Read more »

Results – Qualifier Harbour Project, Thursday Morning

Results from the Qualifier for the Harbour Project at Glass Butter Beach. Top 2 riders go through. Heat 1: 1st: Ryan Peacock 2nd: Jordan Elizondo-Darwin 3rd: CK Koester 4th: Barnes Yorke-Davies Heat 2: 1st: Liam Peacock 2nd: Sam Carne 3rd: Sebastian Kerns 4th: Scotty Broome (DNS) Heat 3: 1st: Matty Muncey 2nd: Dan Nott 3rd: Jack Constable 4th: Alfie Lofthouse Heat 4: 1st: Alfie Constable 2nd: Rocco Burbridge 3rd: Jonty… Read more »

Running Order for Harbour Project, Pro Tour Stop 3

Running Order for Harbour Project at Glass Butter Beach Industry Pro Tour Stop 3 Rider Briefing 7:45am Heats start at 8am! Please note that the tide does not wait for anyone! Mother nature rules the times, if you are late, we will not wait! Format Top 2 riders in each heat progress to the evening Harbour Project Finals. In each heat, each rider get 2 seperate runs, with the best run scoring. Each run is… Read more »

Industry Pro Tour Stop 2 Results

The second stop of the Industry Pro Tour went down in the middle of the International River Mersey Festival on 4th and 5th June. The sun was out in full force and the crowds loved every minute of the wakeboarding action! We setup the course in the middle of Salthouse Dock, which also hosted the Northern Boat Show. The back drop of the course included the World Heritage Site of Albert Dock and the famous… Read more »