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Industry Wake Parks offers a complete package from planning, designing and production of wakeboard obstacles. Every Wake Park is in a different location with different customers and it is important to custom design setups to suit each Wake Park.We provide obstacles and park setups for full size cables, System 2.0 wake parks, boat lakes, private backyard setups and numerous events.

Industry Wake Parks offers two different kinds of obstacles. We design and fabricate our own obstacles in the UK and also offer UNIT Parktech wakeboard obstacles. The UNIT obstacles are the most impressive, unique, durable and smoothest obstacles available anywhere in the world! Designed with the aid of the Sesitec team and rail building legend Pat Panakos, it is simply not possible to build better obstacles than UNIT. They have developed and patented their own manufacturing techniques, which makes their obstacles very safe, smooth and unique.

The Industry obstacles sit a bit lower in price than the UNIT obstacles but have a very different construction type. UNIT are plastic welded HDPE and use a tongue and groove system to join parts together. They have over 60 different shapes of obstacles you can buy!  Industry use mild steel frames which are hot dip galvanized so they won’t rust. The steel frames are then covered in thick polypropylene plastic on the sides and surface. Both kinds of obstacles are extremely safe and are designed by experienced wakeboarders and engineers. Each option has their own selling points and we are extremely happy to offer our clients the option of UNIT or Industry obstacles.

Without obstacles under your cable system you may as well just close shop now! The sport of wakeboarding is seeing a big increase in participation and growth and this is largely due to  wake parks now looking like floating skate parks and snow parks. It is the obstacles that make for great repeat business! Having a park full of obstacles that allows for great progression from a beginner to a pro is so important. We can help you design a park that will suit all riders’ abilities and offer a unique selling point.


The obstacles that sit under your wake park are as important as the cable system itself and they can make or break a park!