Industry Wake Parks design and fabricate their own obstacles in the UK. The shapes of the obstacles are designed by extremely experienced riders who understand the shapes and angles required. The obstacles are fabricated by engineers with over four decades of engineering experience. There are over  sixty of our obstacles in use in the UK, challenging wakeboarders, at wake parks like Festival Wake Park, Just Wake,Liverpool Wake Park and Foxlake.


Mild steel box section frameworks that are fully hot dip galvanized.

Natural polypropylene surface and sides

Styrofoam floatation

Stainless steel hex bolts and nylok nut attachments

Very Safe:

No timber or screws are used in any of the construction

All surfaces are nylok bolted to the framework

Smooth bevelled edges on all corners, joins and edges

All bolts counter sunk

Durable and long lasting:

The steel frame is galvanised

No timber is used

Stainless steel attachments


2 year warranty on the metal frames

2 year warranty on all other parts


Fabricated by skilled engineers with over four decades of engineering experience between them. The fact they also wakeboard for their hobby means they have a full understanding of what is being constructed.

Industry Wake Parks is a fully insured and legitimate company, working to extremely high standards on all its obstacle construction.

Extra Services Offered:

Custom Designs

Obstacles Branding


Anchor construction

Anchor to rail fixings

Transportation and any craning required

Obstacle Renders

Below are some renders of Industry obstacles that we have produced.