The UNIT obstacles are the most impressive, unique, durable and smoothest obstacles available anywhere in the world! Designed with the aid of the Sesitec team and rail building legend Pat Panakos it is simply not possible to build better obstacles than UNIT. They have developed their own manufacturing technique which makes their obstacles very safe and smooth. You can see more info about UNIT here:

1. Material and Construction:
All of our elements are made of plastic welded HDPE (high density Polyethylene) tiling. Our production combines the use of air proof, welded PE boxes and Styropor core interior to stabilise our elements. The obstacles are welded in such a way to ensure a maximum of endurance and sustainability to water, ice and sun and a gentle protection for wakeboards and wake skates.

2. Tongue and groove system:
UNIT Parktech´s tongue and groove system ensures a clean, seamless connection without any visible screws making these obstacles the safest in the industry. Assembling the boxes is extremely easy while this system adjusts itself during the connection process.

3. Modular:
Because of the different units it’s an easy and quick process adding parts or shortening your obstacle. Any other specific customer wishes can be discussed individually.

4. Stability:
No extra uplift body is necessary. The closed system gives maximum tilt stability. Once in the water it’s impossible to capsize an element.

5. Advertising:
Our boxes come in a neutral white or blue colour making it easy for you to brand and advertise your sponsors or simply your own company name and/or logo. Printed foil can easily be attached to the elements. On request our obstacles can be coloured to your desired effect.

6. Shapes and sizes:
The key feature of our products is that they are built and developed by wakeboarders for wakeboarders. Therefore, we are very keen to customize your product to your desired need and effect. When designing and shaping your obstacle, your and our creativity, have no limits.

Obstacle Renders

Below are some renders of UNIT obstacles that we have produced.