Lagoon Wake Park

Hove Lagoon Watersports had wanted to include wakeboarding as one of their sports for a long time! Their lagoon is only 200m long by 60m wide so they couldn’t fit a full size cable onto their lake. They have been in business for a couple of decades and are one of the most respected watersports schools on the South Coast. As soon as they saw the System 2.0, they got in contact with us straight away. We installed one cable in 2011, another in 2012 and a third in 2013. They have been extremely busy and hence have installed a new system each year. They operate with 4 of our obstacles too and we have done a fair bit of staff training with them. This is a prime example of System 2.0 taking the sport to new places, the lagoon is a high profile location! The venue is epic and we love it.