London Boat Show 2012 Video

The London Boat Show contracted us to go in and run some wakeboard demos on their huge indoor pool. We setup the System 2.0 in the roof of London Excel, there was no space for towers so we attached the pulleys directly to the roof! The show was a 2 week show with wakeboard demos, talks, comps and loads of other stuff.  

London Boat Show 2011

In 2011 we ran all the wakeboarding displays at the London Boat Show. This is always a highlight of the year for us, we love it. We get to spend 2 weeks in London with loads of our friends and get to ride every day. Have a look at these videos showing the 2011 event.  

Rail Masters Xtreme TV Documentary

We created the Rail Masters event with Alliance Mag in December 2009. We built our pool gap inside Earls Court for the London Boat Show. This was before the System 2.0 had been invented so we used small petrol winches to tow the riders. Xtreme TV made a documentary about Rail Masters, check it out here: