The Jambo, Italy 2013

In June 2013 we went out to Italy and setup the pool gap for the Jambo Urban Music Festival. This video shows all the footage. This was a great event to be involved in and being along side all the crazy sports like the MotoX was just nuts!  

London Boat Show 2012 Video

The London Boat Show contracted us to go in and run some wakeboard demos on their huge indoor pool. We setup the System 2.0 in the roof of London Excel, there was no space for towers so we attached the pulleys directly to the roof! The show was a 2 week show with wakeboard demos, talks, comps and loads of other stuff.  

Red Bull Harbour Reach 2011

In 2011 we ran the first Red Bull Harbour Reach in Lyme Regis and it was insane! Working with Red Bull to create an event like this was a big step forward for Industry Wake Parks and it really allowed us to step up are game!

Wakestock Abu Dhabi Videos

In 2010 we went out to Abu Dhabi and helped create Wakestock Abu Dhabi, which was a stop of the WWA World Series. We built a pool gap, boat course and setup a beginner System 2.0 park on the beach. It was an insane 6 week event and we loved it! We worked with Alliance Mag to create loads of create footage which you can see here: Pool Gap Finals: Mens Boat Finals: Women’s Round… Read more »