Horizontal shaft built for extreme load capacity

Electric Motor (11KW ≈ 15HP ; 380-480v ; 3 Phase power ; 8kW/h ≈ 70p/h)

Galvanized ladders and adjustable towers

Weight of complete System 2.0: 1.5 tons

Length between towers: 60 – 300 metres

Height and Width of towers: 6m height ≈ 3.3m width ; 8.5m height ≈ 4.7m width 11.4m height ≈ 6.2m width

Footplate: 40 x 40cm (solid version with spikes for all terrain / mobile version
with rubber for concrete etc.)

Safety feet: 1.5m long, 4pcs/tower

High quality spherical roller bearings for drive unit, deep groove ball bearings
for deflection unit

Two main static anchoring points

Specially engineered carrier making use of both running cables for a solid pull

8mm specialized running cable, galvanized

Sturdy plastic rollers suitable for frequent usage

Reliable variable Frequency Drive

Software that tracks hours of use and allows adjustments of parameters like end points, turning points, home position, and acceleration/deceleration ramps

Manual and automatic operation modes

User friendly controller for easy operation

Optional wireless Recon controller