If you want to work in the wakeboard industry then a great idea is to start out as a System 2.0 operator. This is a fun job with great rewards and an amazing chance to meet loads of other like-minded people. There are over twenty five System 2.0 parks in the UK and they all need operators!

Industry Wake Parks worked with the British Waterski and Wakeboard (BWSW) to create an official System 2.0 Operators and Instructors’ Licence. This licence is accredited to the BWSW and will allow you to get a job at any of the 300 System 2.0s around the World. If you show this licence to a wake park owner they will know you can safely and successfully operate a System 2.0.

In order to become a System 2.0 Operator you need to gain 20 logged hours of practice at operating the cable. The first five hours are with staff riding and then the last fifteenare with customers. You will learn how to safely operate and how to correctly instruct people and improve their riding. The twenty logged hours must be done with a qualified operator, reviewing and training you. We will send you a logged hours booklet which you must fill in.

To pass your Operator’s Licence you need the following:

Gain twenty logged hours experience

Be a member of the BWSW

Have a valid first aid certificate

Have a valid DBS check

Attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop

Pass your day practical exam

Gaining Logged Hours

If you want to become an operator you first need to gain your twenty logged hours, you can do this by volunteering at one of the System 2.0 parks around the UK. Most of these parks will be happy to have an extra hand around while you gain your logged hours and some of them will do a barter deal, whereby they will train you in exchange for some free work once you are trained. Once you have done the logged hours you need to contact us and arrange an exam, we might be able to come to your wake park or you can come to our training site at Liverpool Wake Park.

Operator’s Course

We offer a full operator’s course, which costs £750. Included in this cost is twenty logged hours training at Liverpool Wake Park and the exam. Our fully qualified and experienced trainers will give you the twenty hours and then you will fly through your exam and be ready to start working in this amazing industry.


We run operators’ exams all over the UK, as soon as you are ready to take an exam get in touch and we will book you in as soon as we can! The cost of the exam starts from £100 per person. Costs depend on location and numbers of people on the course. The maximum number of people is four per day. The exam is a full day exam. It includes a practical test in which you will teach beginners, safely operate the cable and instruct riders up to the obstacle standard. There is then a multiple-choice exam and a written exam to complete.

Steps to become and operator:

Step1: Join the BWSW here

Step 2: Download the DBS application form and send it to the BWSW

Step 3: Do your twenty logged hours and fill out your logged hours booklet

Step 4: Attend a Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop

Step 5: Attend a first aid course

Step 6: Pass your practical exam